Gerais Protecao Automotiva

Protect your car for a fair price and without bureaucracy!

At Gerais you protect yourself against thefts, robberies, collisions, fires and much more quickly and cost-effectively.

Fair priceFair price

Because what matters for us is keeping you safe with the best price on the market.

Full indemnity in 30 daysFull indemnity in 30 days

No hassle, we offer fast payment when you need it most.

24-hour assistance24-hour assistance

Any day, any time. Need assistance we are ready to help you.

These are some benefits of being Gerais

Vehicle protection for who likes to pay less with more facility

In case of accident
Payments problem?

Are you already an associated or do you want to know more?

Look up our manual and know everything about Gerais's family

Available in pdf format.

Manual do Associado
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Are you needing a machine shop?

Get in touch with our events section. They will guide your to the best machine shops to solve your problems.

Are you needing help?

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